My “sister”

I met Tammy about eleven years ago. She worked with Michael, and he kept telling me that there was this girl at his work that I had to meet. She’s super cute and bubbly, he said. I though, oh great. Who the heck is this super cute, bubbly girl he keeps yammering about. I don’t think I really want to meet her. But he invited her to a party one night, and, well, it was about the best “blind date” I’d ever had. Tammy and I were instant friends, and have been ever since. She’s the kind of friend I could talk to every day, and still find something to talk about. Or, as was the case, not talk to for years (Tammy served our country for 4 years, doing tours in Iraq and Germany, with limited communication). We even missed each others weddings. We’ve not lived near each other for the bulk of our friendship (going on 9 years now). And none of this diminishes our friendship. She’s my “sistah from another mistah” and I love her dearly.

And it just so happens that our kids love each other too. Thank goodness, cause they’re stuck with each other!


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