four years and four months

my girls are four years, and four months, respectively. they’ll never be the same “number” again. pretty cool, huh? peanut gets a big kick out of it. fin just says goo.

i know i’ve blogged about what an awesome baby she is, but just for a minute, let me brag some more. she can roll from her tummy to her back. she can do a full pushup. she eats her hands and her toes. she smiles, laughs, and giggles, and makes all of us laugh.

the ways her personality is coming through are amazing. it’s so fun to see her develop into a person, and find her space in our family.


3 thoughts on “four years and four months

  1. OMG She is sooo absolutely scrummy.. What a beautiful little girl she will be and having an older sister like RE she will be a very lucky little thing.. 🙂

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