I know when having a baby, you go through a series of firsts: first smile, first coo, first giant blowout diaper. But then it slows while their bodies catch up with their progress. And then it starts again.

Finleigh got her first taste of food last night, and oh my goodness, it was the holy grail for her.

She’s been trying to steal our food for ages. And we’ve been holding off. She’s only 4 months old. She’s not sitting up on her own. But she’s my baby (ok, that one’s mine, but whatever). Last night, I was making yummy Mediterranean Quinoa and set aside some plain quinoa for Fin. She was so excited to finally get some of what she’s been eyeing for weeks.

Clearly, she loved it. I think we’ve started something here.


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. can i just say how much i love that you wrote, “she’s only 4 months but she’s my baby.” maybe this interpretation is or isn’t what you were going for, but i read that as “yea, she’s 4 months, and i know ya’ll probably have an opinion about that, but she’s mine, meaning i’m her mama and i know better than you!” in my opinion, it’s incredibly powerful for a woman (and empowering for her child) when she can trust her own gut and do what she things is right and best. kuddos to you, and hurray to Finleigh for chowing down on a tasty first food!

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