At the shore…

I adore being at the shore. I know that so many people find the beach revitalizing, refreshing, renewing. And I’m one of them. Michael remarked upon actually getting on the beach that I looked “at home”. And I was. Not that I’m not at home here, near the lake, in our little place that we’ve made a home. It’s just that I think I might have been a mermaid in a past life. Or a fisherman. Or a lighthouse operator. I feel so comfortable at the shore, like I’ve come home. I could truly sit at the beach all day, doing nothing but watching the waves, watching the sun rise and then set, feeling the salty air on my face. Thank goodness I gave birth to two little girls who also enjoy being at the beach. Ryan took such pleasure in frolicking through the waves, and Finleigh got a kick out of picking up (and tasting, of course) sand. I’m so grateful that my family loves the beach like I do. We’ve already made mental plans to go back next year and camp ON the beach. And in my head, I’m already there.


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