Weekend Craft Ideas

Are you a weekend craft warrior like me? I don’t always have a ton of time during the week to do more than plot and plan (what? 2 little girls at home and no free time to sew?). But I can usually sneak in some crafty hours on the weekends. Here are a few projects I’d love to dig into (and they’re not really sewing projects, so all of you that don’t think you can craft, you can do these!).

Knock off wood lockers, a lot Pottery Barn.

These super sweet headbands from tights.

This super awesome Pettiskirt. Yes, I’ve cobbled one together based on the schizophrenic Martha directions. These are much better. It’s still a pain in the tush to sew and you’ll understand why they’re so expensive.

And no joke, as soon as I have some space to work and put one, I have a nightstand that will become a kitchen for the girls. I LOVE this little idea…I’ve seen a lot of this type of thing, and this is by far a favorite.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Craft Ideas

  1. I LOVE Ana’s Knockoffs. My hubby is going to build the farmhouse bed for our anniversary. 🙂 I love that little kitchen idea, though! We could throw that together in a heartbeat. I could find a little “manly” looking nightstand for my boys to make a dude kitchen for them.

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