yeah, it’s fall

How do I know?

Not because the leaves are changing. (they are)

Not because we’re breaking out the long sleeves. (we are)

Not because I’ve thought about turning on the heat more than once. (I haven’t)

It’s not even that Ryan has returned back to school. (more on that later)

So, how do I know? Because I’m baking. Lots. It started slowly, with a desire to make muffins a few weeks back. And then scones shortly after that. And today, pumpkin scones, just like Starbucks makes, only at home, so I get to eat them warm. And now, there’s granola in the oven, smelling delicious.

I’m thinking bread is in order at some point this week…and maybe some more muffins. I adore baking and I adore fall. What else should I bake? What are your favorites? What signifies fall for you?


One thought on “yeah, it’s fall

  1. Fall is undoubtably my favorite season. it means hats and scarves, and rainboots. it means H gets to go to the park more, because it’s way more fun for me as a mother to come home and make air-popped popcorn and hot chocolate after a cold park play than getting out the aloe 😉 {{plus there are way less kids to run into and have to share the swings with!}} this summer, i finally learned how to bake bread, and my favorite recipe is an old family one for what we call dilly bread – it has dill and cottage cheese in it, with a salted crust. ask me for the recipe if you’re interested! welcome to fall!

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