Babies don’t read baby books

Right? That’s why they  have no idea they’re “supposed” to sleep through the night at 8 weeks, why they don’t understand that they’re “supposed” to eat every three hours and enjoy solids on a particular schedule.

Well, I’m pretty sure Finleigh’s got a copy of Dr. Sears The Baby Book hidden behind her puppy and is reading it in her crib when I’m not looking.

This kid does everyone on (or ahead) of schedule. She wanted to start solids a little early, sure, but everything else has been text book.

She turned six months old on September 22nd. She also started cutting her two bottom teeth that day. Then, she began babbling “mamamamamama” over and over again in addition to babbling all sorts of great sounds and blowing raspberries. And then this morning, when I put her on the floor to play, she immediately popped up on all fours and started rocking.

Crazy little six month old. Seriously, when did that happen? I’m pretty sure I still have a newborn, and am a little confused (but entirely delighted) with this little person who’s moved into our house.

And explaining the half birthday to big sister was hilarious. “Is Finleigh one, mama?” “No, Ryan, she’s half. You know, like you’re four and a half?” “OH…I get it. Are we going to have cake?”


2 thoughts on “Babies don’t read baby books

  1. super cute! Mine just turned 5 months on the 25th. He’s already cut a tooth and has been rolling both ways since 3 months old….but Finleigh can sit up so well! Jagger just topples forward and laughs!

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