Weekends around here usually follow a similar rhythm: sleep late, do little, do laundry, grocery shop, and just generally catch up from the previous week. This weekend? Not so much. Amid my work to help further the babywearing cause via letters to congressional leaders, blog posts, tweets, facebook updates etc, we managed to find time to hit up BrickCon AND The Farm in Snohomish. Woot for babywearing, legos and pumpkins! And for surprisingly running into friends at The Farm and getting to hang out with some of our favorite people.

And have I mentioned my love for fall? Like, love. Move over Michael…I have a lovah.

Petting the bunnies

Michael wearing Fin: Wrapsody Stella

I love that she's become so adventurous

Ry and O jumping together

Watching big sis

Found it!

My pumpkin with the pumpkins!

Legos in the next post…


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