Wishing I had some thought, any thought worth writing tonight.

But I don’t. Writer’s block, I suppose. Even my usual 2 glasses of wine aren’t helping.

And whenever I get a bit melancholy about life, our house, my sweet sleepless baby, I think it’s nice to reexamine things.

So, instead, 11 things I’m grateful for right

Finleigh’s sweet, contagious laugh. It gets everyone in our house giggling too.

Ryan’s love of music. And she’s not biased at all: rap, hip hop, rockabilly, alternative, dance; she loves it all.

KEXP. Seriously. I have to profess my love of this radio station. 90.3 for those of you local; kexp.org streaming live for those out of Seattle.

Zoe. Much as that damn dog drives me insane (and sure, I’d post a picture of her, but she always turns around, so they’re ALL of her bum. It’s gross.), she’s an amazing protector, and I have no doubt that she’d bite the balls off anyone who tried to break into our home.

Our home. Yes, it’s on the market, and I’d love to not live here anymore (I don’t ask for much, just an extra bedroom), but it’s home.

Fall leaves. They’re turning and falling and just perfect and crunchy and lovely. It’s this time of year I catch myself goofily jumping into piles of leaves just to hear the crunch.

My camera. Really, in the end, any camera would do. But I’m so grateful to have my Nikon d90, and for all the magical pictures it helps me take, and all the
magical moments I’ve captured with it.

Living near the beach. It’s a lake, not ocean, so it’s only sort of perfect, but it’s damn close, and I’m grateful for it.

Halloween…I sit here typing next to a PILE of red sweats that is to become (drumroll please) our Incredibles costumes! Yep, even Fin’s going to get in on the action, dressed as Jack-Jack, and yep, she has enough hair to get that cute little spike in the back.

The love of my life. Who’s on his computer right now, but just a few feet away.

My mama, who’s coming up next week to hang with me and the girls. Woot. Ryan’s extremely excited to have Nonna come stay “AT OUR HOUSE” and in “MY ROOM”!


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