Midweek inspiration

These are so cute…now, do we have acorns around here? Seriously, I have no idea.

Acorn Dolls from vlijtig

I have a little lady in my house who would adore this…she’s constantly putting up “gates” in the house for us to go through.

Tollbooth from 42 roads

These are adorable and I wish I’d thought of it 6 months ago. Ah, well, maybe you can use it!!

Monthly Photos from Under the Sycamore

Sweet slippers from Prudent Baby

This adorable upcycled scarf must happen. In fact, I have a sweater that I literally pinned to make something for Finleigh tonight, but hadn’t cut. It’s not going to be for Fin anymore. Sorry sweet baby, but mommy totally hearts this scarf.


One thought on “Midweek inspiration

  1. I think you could just use whole hazelnuts for the “acorn” people. My mom used to make bear ornaments from hazelnuts (filberts).

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