Rest Peacefully

Ryan announced the other day that Kimmie was dead. Who’s Kimmie you ask? Before you get all sad, or start feeling sorry and sending flowers, Kimmie was Ryan’s imaginary friend. She’s been around for about 3 years, ever since Ryan was really verbal, and her imagination took off. Kimmie came with us a lot of places, and Kimmie served as an opportunity for Ryan to tell us a lot of things she might not have otherwise.

Kimmie was often her scapegoat, doing all kinds of things actually impossible for an imaginary friend. But, these things were usually OK with Kimmie’s parents, who were coincidentally named Katy and Michael. Kimmie was her pal, someone to play with when I was busy and before Finleigh came along.

When Ryan announced that Kimmie was dead earlier this week (and for the record, she does not understand “dead” beyond the fact that when something “dies” it goes away), it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard about her since Finleigh was born. In fact, I couldn’t really remember the last time I’d heard anything about Kimmie. Maybe last winter? Did she just grow out of her, or was it Fin’s arrival that made Kimmie just kind of “go away”?

In any case, I’m really going to miss the hilarious Kimmie stories Ryan used to tell. I’m sure I’ve written about it before, but Kimmie lived in the mountains, where it snowed a lot. She looked an awful lot like Ryan, with long “mermaid princess” hair and blue eyes. She was sometimes the same age as Ryan, sometimes 26, once 40, and could definitely drive. In fact, she drove a VW Bug. What color, you ask? Well, plumaluma, obviously (purple, blue, white and pink swirled together, for the uninitiated). She throws extravagant “nakie parties” in tents in the mountains where she lives (it sounds so RONG, I know).

I really am going to miss her, but more than missing Kimmie, I think I’m going to miss that little piece of her imagination that she shared with me constantly. This is yet another way my sweet little girl is growing up, and it is, as usual, bittersweet.


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