Weekend Projects

These sweet little felt flowers are totally one of those “why didn’t I think of this” projects. But alas, Rubies and Pearls did, and was so sweet to post a tutorial. I’ll likely put them on a regular barrette, or a headband, because that’s what Ryan’s into these days.

I have a feeling Peanut is going to adore these rose petal drawings. We may try them with some fallen leaves, too!

I’m always interested in seeing how others do their “inspiration” walls. Mine is currently in a notebook, as we’re short on wall space these days, but I like this one a lot. Easy to change out, and looks neat and tidy.

I’m pretty sure that “to die for” might describe these apple-cheddar scones perfectly, and I haven’t even made them yet. I can already smell them. But I have to wait, as my gluten free, dairy free mama is visiting, and that’s just mean.

And I picked up this adorable school desk for Peanut today (woot for craigslist!). I love it, and will love it even more after a little TLC and paint. She adores it though, and had to do a quick drawing on it to “test it out”. What color should I paint it? I’m leaning towards grey, but I recognize that I have a problem and love that color (not-color?) far too much. So I ask you, what color/s should I paint it?



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