One of those days…

No, not THAT kind. The other kind. The wonderful kind where you don’t really do much of anything special, but it’s still a lovely day.

Today was the first day this week I had time to focus on the girls, to not work, to not rush around doing a million things. And I was able to take the time to notice them, and notice what they’re doing right now.

Finleigh is clapping. When we say “yay” she claps. And she beams. She is SO proud of herself, and we’re so proud of her. When the phone rings, she looks around for it, and says, “ello, ello?”. I nearly always answer the phone with a “hello” and it’s so fun to hear her repeating, and so clearly learning from us. She and Ryan have table slap-offs, where they both bang on the table as hard as they can and giggle uncontrollably. Fin signs “more”, “all done” and “milk” and knows what they mean, too. When she’s hungry, we get lots of “more” signs. When she’s done with a diaper change, we get “all done” signs. She can pull herself up, primarily when we’re in the bathroom while Ryan takes her baths. She desperately tries to climb into the tub; she loves the water and her big sister. She’s quite the character. And it’s so fun to watch them interact.

I think the most difficult thing I’m finding about mothering two children, especially two this far apart is trying to celebrate Finleigh’s small milestones without making Ryan’s seem less important. It’s so easy to focus on the cute baby doing cute baby things and overlook the mundane things that a 4.5 year old does. I’ve really had to make an effort to celebrate what I don’t always see as big deals for Ryan, but to her, they are.

But today, there was big stuff. The easy to celebrate stuff. The “make mama tear up” stuff. Ryan’s been trying for weeks to write “real” words. She spells out letters and asks me what it says. It usually says nothing, though she’s been getting closer, and better at sounding out words in attempts to read them. Today though, she wrote a word.

All by herself.

I was in the kitchen when she asked what R-O-L-I-E spelled. I had to stop and think for a minute, and then ran out to the living room…it’s spells rolie, Ryan, you spelled a word!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited. She jumped up and ran around the living room shouting “I spelled a word all by myself!” and nearly knocked me over hugging me. I’m having such a hard time believing that she’s nearly five, and nearly reading.

So yeah, today was one of those days. But not one of THOSE days.


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