embracing the changes

Our world is changing at such a rapid pace. Michael and I realized how much has happened for our family in the last year. We had a baby (no big, right?), have been dealing with Michael’s mom’s poor health, have been back and forth to California more times than we’d like to admit, we found a great house for us and are waiting to hear back, I started a new job and left it due to morality issues, I started a new hobby in earnest (my sewing machine is jealous of my camera), Michael got very into biking, I started Stroller Strides…whew, I’m exhausted just looking at that. And that’s just us grown ups.

Finleigh isn’t so much of a baby anymore…our sweet girl started walking on Ryan’s birthday. At ten months. Yes, 10. Not even one year. And about 5 minutes after she started walking, she started climbing. And getting into everything. And just being sort of hilarious. We’re about to start planning her first birthday shindig, which is a little bittersweet. I love hitting milestones with my kiddos, but hate how quickly they grow up.

…our house is on the market, and we are hoping beyond hope that our “maybe house” becomes our “real house”. We’d like to be moved by summer. It’ll be too late for much gardening (tomatoes and strawberries maybe), but plenty of time for playing outside in what would be our very own backyard. We’ve been pining for a yard for years now and would be so excited to have a place for the kids/dog to play safely.

Though it drives me batty, I’m trying hard to embrace the changes, as it seems that they’re neverending. I can either run with it, or run against it. And I’d rather run with it. In fact, I’m joining a running club and setting my goal at 10k. Yes, 10k. I’m going to run a 10k in May. I said it. I have to sign up for it still. But I’m going to do it. And I’m really excited about it.


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