Giving Thanks

It’s the cool thing to do this month. Apparently. I’ve been busy and missed the memo that I was supposed to update the world as to what I’ve been thankful for each day.

However, in our house, we’ve been practicing thankfulness, gratitude, and the beauty of fall, all at once.

Have you heard of a tree of gratitude?

It can be done any way you like (we found inspiration here). We found branches in our yard, plopped them in a vase, cut “leaves” with my paper punch and used strips of fabric to tie them on.

The idea is that you write something you’re thankful for. Not every day, not in any sort of prescribed way, but rather when the mood strikes you. The idea is to remind yourself of what is really important as we head into this holiday season. In our house, we’re finding this especially important with a nearly 6 year old who wants/needs everything.

We also invited our friends who joined us for our “welcome Asher/warm our house” party to add what they’re thankful for. Really, anyone who comes by our house is welcome to add to it. We’ll save the “leaves” to read next November.

So, what am I thankful for? In the grandest sense, community. I’m SO grateful for the wonderful community we’ve found in the area. I never expected it, and cannot express how overwhelmed I’ve been with gratitude these last many weeks.

Thank  you. May your Thanksgiving be full of gratitude, family, friends, and, of course, good food.


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