Ryan woke up this morning, came to our room, and announced that it had snowed “all night and the whole world was white!”. Awesome. I’m going back to sleep (no one else was up yet). But, sure enough, we woke to a winter wonderland. Coffee first, then out to play. Sorry kids, y’all have to wait.

We don’t get a ton of snow here in Seattle-ish, so when we do, it’s kind of epic. Even our medium one, who HATED the snow last year, freaked out, trying to climb out of the window in her jammies to get into it. She kept eating it…saying “eat snow, eat snow” over and over. Ryan just loves snow, too. She was practically swimming in it, and catching flakes on her tongue, and building a snowman (I even helped).

We had hot cocoa after playing outside (well, mama and daddy had coffee), and then made cookies in the afternoon. I found these awesome “message in a cookie” cutters from Pinterest (Are you on there? If not, you must be; I’ll invite you. All the cool kids are there.) and had to have them. I love them already. They come with phrases, but also just letters so you can make your own message, like our “happy snow day” ones!

I’ll admit, I don’t love snow. I don’t like driving in it, it’s cold, it’s wet. But, I LOVE the first snow. And I actually quite like running in the snow (not running WHILE it’s snowing – that sucks). But today seemed more a snuggle at home sort of day, so I did. And a good day it was.


One thought on “SNOW DAY!!

  1. I just barely escaped back to Portland via train on Monday morning (I live here during the week for work), but my hubby (a teacher) and son are firmly ensconced in “snowpocalypse” up in Tacoma. I read that y’all could get 6-10″ overnight – bananas!!!

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