Snow Day (crazy edition)

It was all fun for the first day…and even the second day. But as we rounded out day 5 (yes, FIVE days of being stuck in the house), we all got a little craaaazy. Yesterday was wild stuff…today we escaped, along with the rest of the eastside. So, so grateful to have a car, albeit a small one, with 4wd.Ryan is LOVING her Connect4 game. So much that she’s now hugging it. This after she played with her imaginary friend.

Asher is watching the crazy, taking it all in. Good times – pretty sure she’s well entertained.

The biggers headed out into the snow. Note Finleigh’s sunglasses? Gobbles, she says. Very important.

Even the art got a little goofy. Tape and popsicle sticks. And googly eyes.

Chocolate chip cookies in muffin liners. Why not?

There is a bottle of bubbles under there. It’s about 8″ tall.

We busted out the scissors. Time for a haircut!!

Cute! And about 4″ shorter. Nice job, mommy.

Oooh, a new carrier for Asher! Been stalking the mailman for this one. Thank you for bringing rainbows on such dreary days.

Good choice. THIS is where the Wild Things are. Little banshees.

Chaos, you’ve come to stay.

Oh yes, this night is looking up.


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