Outside my window

I like doing these prompts…it helps remind me what it’s really all about on those days I’m having a hard time remembering. If you feel so inclined to share as well, please link your Simple Womans Daybook in the comments, so I can read it too!

Outside my window…it’s foggy and cool, but I think it’s going to warm up today.
I am thinking…of ways to do more teaching. I really do love it.
I am thankful for…our home, food on the table, and our health.
From the kitchen…the smell of coffee.
I am wearing…jeans and a handmade top. It’s colorful. I like it.
I am creating…a lot in my head…maybe something in “real” too.
I am going…to start purging the house today.
I am reading…less than I’d like. Eat, Pray, Love is on the list so I can see the movie. Born to Run is also on the list, but I think I need to bring it back to the library. Whoops.
I am hoping…that the crazy settles and it all works out sooner than later.
I am hearing…”Busytown Mysteries” in the background.
Around the house…still tidying, still cleaning, crafting up some organization.
One of my favorite things…a warm up of coffee on a cool morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week: An at home weekend, full of cleaning, purging, movies for the Peanut, naps for Fin, and maybe a trip to the beach with daddy.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


Resolutions and Reflections

This past year has been a bit of a blur…and I’m determined to make this my last blurry year. I’ve spent my whole life being caught up in doing this, doing that, going here and going there, and I so rarely sit back and reflect on what I’m doing NOW.

Thus, my resolutions this year is to be content. To be at peace with what I have, and what I don’t have, what I’m doing, and what I’m not doing, and not to really care what anyone else thinks.

Sounds simple, right?

I wish it were.

I have a feeling this is going to be a toughie, but I’m going to make it happen. I rarely make resolutions, because I cannot stand resolving to lose weight, eat less chocolate, or buy fewer things and have it last only a month, leaving you feeling empty and weak for not being able to stick it out. My last good resolution was many years ago, when I resolved to be nice.

I know, those of you who know me are thinking, but Katy is always so nice. Well, no, I’m not, and I certainly haven’t always been like this. Those who’ve known me a long time (like, very long) know that for a long time, I was not nice. At all. To anyone. I took great pleasure in making people cry, and it came back to me big time, and in big ways. Karma’s a bitch, right? So I resolved in, I believe 2000, to be nice. And like a switch, once I’d made that shift in my head, I made it in life also. And I’ve since had much better luck in life, and been a much happier person. Sure, I’m still snarky, and I can be downright nasty, but by and large, I’m a nice person.

So, I want to be a content person as well. Why? For one, I have nothing to NOT be content about. A great husband, a sweet daughter, a fun dog, a lovely home, clothing, food, internet access: the basics. For another, not being content is costing me, in both money and time. I spend time discontent with that I have, so that I have less to appreciate what I do have. I spend money trying to fill my life with things I think might make me content, but they never do. I spend energy wishing for a larger house, a quieter life, less debt, and none of that is going to change unless I (we) change it. And, I think, the first step to that is being content with what we have.

Resolution 2009: Be Content.

What’s your resolution?


We’ve been painting again…and I’m wiped out. Our bedroom looks freakin’ awesome though…all cream with coffee and orange, plus, we rearranged it so you don’t really see any junk when you first walk in, which I love. It looks very zen in there…and modern, and kind of fab.

Oh, and a cute picture of me, taken by the toddler. She’s not too bad.