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Hindsight is 20/20

(alternately titled: “If I knew then what I know now”)

You see all of those trite quotes all over the interwebs saying things like “dishes can wait, babies don’t keep” and “they grow up before your eyes” and la la la. And you think, no, the dishes are going to drive me insane, or that laundry just won’t fold itself, and the baby can just be there for a minute.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 6 years, is that you lay that baby down for “just a minute” and then she’s off to kindergarten. And reading on her own. And enjoying a very wiggly tooth.

Or you set her down and she climbs to the top of the [insert tall item in your house here]. And she insists on “my do it”. And then she asks politely for a snack. And would you please read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Or you set her down, and suddenly she’s a month old, and trying to smile (and making all kinds of awesome expressions in her early attempts). And trying to push up on her arms. And weighing 10 pounds.

And I know, this time, just how fast it will go. And I didn’t honestly think I’d care, and I do find myself looking very much forward to a time when she’ll be able to coo, smile, sit up, play with her sisters, sleep through the night, etc. Because I know IT WILL HAPPEN.

And I have to remind myself to let her be. To let them all be. To let them all grow as they must, and not rush them at all. And that’s hard. But having already seen two of them grow and change SO FAST, this time I know the growing is inevitable, and obviously a good thing, but I know to enjoy what we have while we have it.

Maybe it’s because Asher is the last (oh yes, she’s it. swear.). Maybe it’s because I’m watching one kid learn to read, one kid learn to speak, and another learn to smile. And I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.


{joy of love} day 5: love to hate

{Joy of Love} Day 5: Love to Hate

This face came at the end of a VERY long day…she really wanted to play with the Cinderella baby princess, but her friend didn’t really want to share. She knew she had to have her fun with it right then and there, since mommy is MEAN and doesn’t like Disney princess babies (they’re creepy). She’s such a sweet girl, and she knows how to share nicely, but sometimes just can’t. Love to hate that pouty face.

Our day began with a little dance party…the girls are in love with Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. Ryan was bumping around the living room, clapping and skipping, and Finleigh was following suit, trying to skip, and clapping all the way. I adore these little ladies of ours.

Next onto Stroller Strides, where Ryan brought her stroller and baby along. Of course, 5m in and the stroller was on top of mine, she was sitting on the front end, and mama was running. As I knew it would be, but still, no doubt we were a sight.

Then we headed off to meet our friends at the zoo. Three moms, six kids under 5 and holy moly…we were quite a crazy bunch. We fit in great at the zoo, with Finleigh screeching her pterodactyl screech, Will humming, singing and yelling, Christiaan quietly smiling and watching, while the three girls in rainboots stomping all over each and every puddle they could find. We headed off to get some yummy chowdah at Ivar’s after, and, well, it’s a good thing we arrived before the dinner rush. I counted 3 couples refuse the table next to ours. I would have too, though the kids really were well behaved for what it was. Finleigh ate her weight in french fries and the chowdah was delicious.

What a fun Saturday!! I don’t know if Sunday can top it, but we’re sure going to try!

{joy of love} day 2: how they look

Want to join in on the {joy of love}? It’s not too late!!

I’m enjoying having an assignment for at least a few of my 365 photos…I like the stretch of having to photograph something specific, and the motivation to get it posted!

One of those days…

No, not THAT kind. The other kind. The wonderful kind where you don’t really do much of anything special, but it’s still a lovely day.

Today was the first day this week I had time to focus on the girls, to not work, to not rush around doing a million things. And I was able to take the time to notice them, and notice what they’re doing right now.

Finleigh is clapping. When we say “yay” she claps. And she beams. She is SO proud of herself, and we’re so proud of her. When the phone rings, she looks around for it, and says, “ello, ello?”. I nearly always answer the phone with a “hello” and it’s so fun to hear her repeating, and so clearly learning from us. She and Ryan have table slap-offs, where they both bang on the table as hard as they can and giggle uncontrollably. Fin signs “more”, “all done” and “milk” and knows what they mean, too. When she’s hungry, we get lots of “more” signs. When she’s done with a diaper change, we get “all done” signs. She can pull herself up, primarily when we’re in the bathroom while Ryan takes her baths. She desperately tries to climb into the tub; she loves the water and her big sister. She’s quite the character. And it’s so fun to watch them interact.

I think the most difficult thing I’m finding about mothering two children, especially two this far apart is trying to celebrate Finleigh’s small milestones without making Ryan’s seem less important. It’s so easy to focus on the cute baby doing cute baby things and overlook the mundane things that a 4.5 year old does. I’ve really had to make an effort to celebrate what I don’t always see as big deals for Ryan, but to her, they are.

But today, there was big stuff. The easy to celebrate stuff. The “make mama tear up” stuff. Ryan’s been trying for weeks to write “real” words. She spells out letters and asks me what it says. It usually says nothing, though she’s been getting closer, and better at sounding out words in attempts to read them. Today though, she wrote a word.

All by herself.

I was in the kitchen when she asked what R-O-L-I-E spelled. I had to stop and think for a minute, and then ran out to the living room…it’s spells rolie, Ryan, you spelled a word!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited. She jumped up and ran around the living room shouting “I spelled a word all by myself!” and nearly knocked me over hugging me. I’m having such a hard time believing that she’s nearly five, and nearly reading.

So yeah, today was one of those days. But not one of THOSE days.


I know, it’s a few days late. Better late than never.

inspired by a favorite blogger: {one} photo from the week. {one} photo that sums it up, offers it up. {one} that somehow captures it. what it is, i’m not quite sure. do you have {one}? share it in the comments.


I kid you not, there are 39 days until Hanukkah and 63 until Christmas. Any way you look at it, that’s NOT ENOUGH TIME! I don’t know about you, but I always get all excited about sewing, making and doing this time of year, only to disappoint myself when I can’t finish everything. So…this year, Ryan (really, and Finleigh) is getting a kitchen. This kitchen, to be exact. I got it for free (though I’m going to find a way to make it up to my dear friend who gave it to us). She was going to just GIVE IT AWAY and I told her I’d take it. I told her I’d pay her; she refused. I told her I’d sew stuff for her; she said no. Darnit all, I’m going to repay her somehow, because this is AWESOME. All it needs is some love. I’m thinking yellow love. With grey accents. Because I love the combination, and I’m the mommy, and I say so. I even snagged some new pots, pans and dishware, plus a tray of cookies, from Amazon for a whopping $40. Woot!!

I’m also plotting a stuffed kitty for my kitty loving (and slightly allergic) girl, a stuffed baby for Finleigh. If I have time, and can get my hands easily on the materials, a hopscotch rug for Ryan.

I’m not really sure what else I’m going to do, but I’m quite proud that I’m pretty much done with the girls’ gifts. I even have a few things up my sleeve for the man (are you reading this, love?), and family members.

Now, on to finding this years holiday photo outfits for the girls (though I’d love to sew them, I don’t see it happening), and getting that taken care of, so I’m not mailing out New Years cards…wish me luck!!

Midweek inspiration

These are so cute…now, do we have acorns around here? Seriously, I have no idea.

Acorn Dolls from vlijtig

I have a little lady in my house who would adore this…she’s constantly putting up “gates” in the house for us to go through.

Tollbooth from 42 roads

These are adorable and I wish I’d thought of it 6 months ago. Ah, well, maybe you can use it!!

Monthly Photos from Under the Sycamore

Sweet slippers from Prudent Baby

This adorable upcycled scarf must happen. In fact, I have a sweater that I literally pinned to make something for Finleigh tonight, but hadn’t cut. It’s not going to be for Fin anymore. Sorry sweet baby, but mommy totally hearts this scarf.

An Open Letter to My Daughters


I had to share this. It is hilarious, and so true. Ruth over at the birthologist is a good friend of mine, and has three young girls.


the birthologist: An open letter to my daughters who will, one day, probably be mothers..


via An Open Letter to My Daughters.


I am often struck by the difference between my girls, but up to now I’ve mostly been comparing Ryan to Finleigh at a particular age.*

But the other day, I was sitting on the couch, working on learning to read with Ryan while Finleigh played on the floor (she tries to eat all books right now, so she couldn’t be on the couch with us). I heard Fin squawking, and looked down over the book I was reading with Ryan to see Finleigh army crawling all over the floor chasing one of cups that kept rolling this way and that.

And it struck me. While one child is learning to read, the other is learning to move.

My girls will NEVER be at the same place at the same time. Not during childhood, in any case. And instead of being a little sad about that, I’m going to choose to celebrate it.

As Ryan learns to read and write, she’ll be able to read stories to Finleigh, and write down the things she says (once she starts speaking). As Finleigh becomes more mobile, they’ll play chase and hide and seek. Fin will try to “share” Ryan’s clothes and toys (even as teenagers, I’m guessing) and Ryan will be annoyed at her little sister who’s always in her things.

Fin worships Ryan and Ryan adores Finleigh, and the large age gap between the two of them will only strengthen that. One hopes, anyway.

*Yes, I compare my kids. I dare you to say you don’t.