This Hour

In a (very) random burst of inspiration, fueled by serious lack of sleep, frigid temperatures, and beautiful sunlight, I stepped outside today to take a few shots of the wheelbarrow. And then I walked back in, and proceeded to shoot for about an hour, my life. It’s mundane, but looking back through it tonight, it’s beautiful. I’m feeling grateful today for simple pleasures: popcorn, laundry, library books, beautiful fabric, napping children, forts, iphones, and now, at 10pm, wine.


inspired by a favorite blogger: {one} photo from the week. {one} photo that sums it up, offers it up. {one} that somehow captures it. what it is, i’m not quite sure. do you have {one}? share it in the comments.

Happy Six, Peanut

She hates it when I call her ‘Peanut’ now. Tough patoots, I say. It’s your nickname and I’m not giving it up. Oh, and you’re a peanut, so it’s fitting. I’m not a nut, she replies. No, not in that sense…

She’s becoming a truly, truly lovely young lady. She’s sweet, caring, responsible, thoughtful and smart. I’m quite proud of her, and of the choices and decisions she’s making, and learning to make, as she navigates this big world we live in. I think she’s going to make it.

She asked for a “star” party this year. And, well, this mama delivers. Star party it is. Stars everywhere…the cake, the decor, the dress. I’m “that mom” and I think I’m OK with it. I haven’t decided yet.

Whatever the case, Happy Birthday, kiddo. You are my favorite six year old.

And look! Mommy (and Asher) made it into a photo, and wore stars. Just for sissy.

Snow Day (crazy edition)

It was all fun for the first day…and even the second day. But as we rounded out day 5 (yes, FIVE days of being stuck in the house), we all got a little craaaazy. Yesterday was wild stuff…today we escaped, along with the rest of the eastside. So, so grateful to have a car, albeit a small one, with 4wd.Ryan is LOVING her Connect4 game. So much that she’s now hugging it. This after she played with her imaginary friend.

Asher is watching the crazy, taking it all in. Good times – pretty sure she’s well entertained.

The biggers headed out into the snow. Note Finleigh’s sunglasses? Gobbles, she says. Very important.

Even the art got a little goofy. Tape and popsicle sticks. And googly eyes.

Chocolate chip cookies in muffin liners. Why not?

There is a bottle of bubbles under there. It’s about 8″ tall.

We busted out the scissors. Time for a haircut!!

Cute! And about 4″ shorter. Nice job, mommy.

Oooh, a new carrier for Asher! Been stalking the mailman for this one. Thank you for bringing rainbows on such dreary days.

Good choice. THIS is where the Wild Things are. Little banshees.

Chaos, you’ve come to stay.

Oh yes, this night is looking up.


Ryan woke up this morning, came to our room, and announced that it had snowed “all night and the whole world was white!”. Awesome. I’m going back to sleep (no one else was up yet). But, sure enough, we woke to a winter wonderland. Coffee first, then out to play. Sorry kids, y’all have to wait.

We don’t get a ton of snow here in Seattle-ish, so when we do, it’s kind of epic. Even our medium one, who HATED the snow last year, freaked out, trying to climb out of the window in her jammies to get into it. She kept eating it…saying “eat snow, eat snow” over and over. Ryan just loves snow, too. She was practically swimming in it, and catching flakes on her tongue, and building a snowman (I even helped).

We had hot cocoa after playing outside (well, mama and daddy had coffee), and then made cookies in the afternoon. I found these awesome “message in a cookie” cutters from Pinterest (Are you on there? If not, you must be; I’ll invite you. All the cool kids are there.) and had to have them. I love them already. They come with phrases, but also just letters so you can make your own message, like our “happy snow day” ones!

I’ll admit, I don’t love snow. I don’t like driving in it, it’s cold, it’s wet. But, I LOVE the first snow. And I actually quite like running in the snow (not running WHILE it’s snowing – that sucks). But today seemed more a snuggle at home sort of day, so I did. And a good day it was.

Test Drive

Do you ever feel a little like you’re still test driving the life you’re living? I know that sounds strange, and maybe very un-“live in the moment” but occasionally I feel like I’m still trying it on, seeing if it fits, and tossing it back on the ground as if it doesn’t quite work for me.

Yes, I know, I have 2 kids and one on the way. One who’s a bit of a surprise, and still I sometimes think “oh my, am I really going to have 3 little girls in all of 7 weeks?” Yes, I know I have a house now, which makes me feel rather grown up, but again, like I might be a bit of a poser. Yes, I am a landlord now, again, making me appear much more grown up than I feel I am. And these are only a few of the things that make me feel like I’m still trying on this life. Still test driving it to see if I want to buy in…except someone else (myself, actually) already bought it and gave me the keys. And it’s what I have, so I drive it.

Where the heck did all this come from? It definitely started with test driving minivans last week. Three kids doesn’t really leave you a whole lot of options for toting them around, and though a station wagon could fit all the necessary carseats, it wouldn’t leave a lot of room for groceries. So minivan it is, but man, it felt strange driving one. And will continue to feel strange. Part of me wants to camp it up, embrace it and go all “soccer mom” on it. Part of me wants to RUN to the Audi dealership and buy a TT that I can’t afford and won’t hold all of my kids, but damn, would be fun to drive.

It could be that Ryan started Kindergarten this week. That Finleigh is wanting to learn to use the potty and saying about 10 new words each day. That we are having our house painted. That we found renters for our condo. That I’m due in all of 7 weeks.

Or it could just be that some days, some weeks, I feel like I’m just a kid, trying on the grown up clothes and finding they’re still kinda big, they still look a little silly, and I still have a lot of growing to do before they’ll really fit.

embracing the changes

Our world is changing at such a rapid pace. Michael and I realized how much has happened for our family in the last year. We had a baby (no big, right?), have been dealing with Michael’s mom’s poor health, have been back and forth to California more times than we’d like to admit, we found a great house for us and are waiting to hear back, I started a new job and left it due to morality issues, I started a new hobby in earnest (my sewing machine is jealous of my camera), Michael got very into biking, I started Stroller Strides…whew, I’m exhausted just looking at that. And that’s just us grown ups.

Finleigh isn’t so much of a baby anymore…our sweet girl started walking on Ryan’s birthday. At ten months. Yes, 10. Not even one year. And about 5 minutes after she started walking, she started climbing. And getting into everything. And just being sort of hilarious. We’re about to start planning her first birthday shindig, which is a little bittersweet. I love hitting milestones with my kiddos, but hate how quickly they grow up.

…our house is on the market, and we are hoping beyond hope that our “maybe house” becomes our “real house”. We’d like to be moved by summer. It’ll be too late for much gardening (tomatoes and strawberries maybe), but plenty of time for playing outside in what would be our very own backyard. We’ve been pining for a yard for years now and would be so excited to have a place for the kids/dog to play safely.

Though it drives me batty, I’m trying hard to embrace the changes, as it seems that they’re neverending. I can either run with it, or run against it. And I’d rather run with it. In fact, I’m joining a running club and setting my goal at 10k. Yes, 10k. I’m going to run a 10k in May. I said it. I have to sign up for it still. But I’m going to do it. And I’m really excited about it.


Weekend Projects

These sweet little felt flowers are totally one of those “why didn’t I think of this” projects. But alas, Rubies and Pearls did, and was so sweet to post a tutorial. I’ll likely put them on a regular barrette, or a headband, because that’s what Ryan’s into these days.

I have a feeling Peanut is going to adore these rose petal drawings. We may try them with some fallen leaves, too!

I’m always interested in seeing how others do their “inspiration” walls. Mine is currently in a notebook, as we’re short on wall space these days, but I like this one a lot. Easy to change out, and looks neat and tidy.

I’m pretty sure that “to die for” might describe these apple-cheddar scones perfectly, and I haven’t even made them yet. I can already smell them. But I have to wait, as my gluten free, dairy free mama is visiting, and that’s just mean.

And I picked up this adorable school desk for Peanut today (woot for craigslist!). I love it, and will love it even more after a little TLC and paint. She adores it though, and had to do a quick drawing on it to “test it out”. What color should I paint it? I’m leaning towards grey, but I recognize that I have a problem and love that color (not-color?) far too much. So I ask you, what color/s should I paint it?



Wishing I had some thought, any thought worth writing tonight.

But I don’t. Writer’s block, I suppose. Even my usual 2 glasses of wine aren’t helping.

And whenever I get a bit melancholy about life, our house, my sweet sleepless baby, I think it’s nice to reexamine things.

So, instead, 11 things I’m grateful for right

Finleigh’s sweet, contagious laugh. It gets everyone in our house giggling too.

Ryan’s love of music. And she’s not biased at all: rap, hip hop, rockabilly, alternative, dance; she loves it all.

KEXP. Seriously. I have to profess my love of this radio station. 90.3 for those of you local; streaming live for those out of Seattle.

Zoe. Much as that damn dog drives me insane (and sure, I’d post a picture of her, but she always turns around, so they’re ALL of her bum. It’s gross.), she’s an amazing protector, and I have no doubt that she’d bite the balls off anyone who tried to break into our home.

Our home. Yes, it’s on the market, and I’d love to not live here anymore (I don’t ask for much, just an extra bedroom), but it’s home.

Fall leaves. They’re turning and falling and just perfect and crunchy and lovely. It’s this time of year I catch myself goofily jumping into piles of leaves just to hear the crunch.

My camera. Really, in the end, any camera would do. But I’m so grateful to have my Nikon d90, and for all the magical pictures it helps me take, and all the
magical moments I’ve captured with it.

Living near the beach. It’s a lake, not ocean, so it’s only sort of perfect, but it’s damn close, and I’m grateful for it.

Halloween…I sit here typing next to a PILE of red sweats that is to become (drumroll please) our Incredibles costumes! Yep, even Fin’s going to get in on the action, dressed as Jack-Jack, and yep, she has enough hair to get that cute little spike in the back.

The love of my life. Who’s on his computer right now, but just a few feet away.

My mama, who’s coming up next week to hang with me and the girls. Woot. Ryan’s extremely excited to have Nonna come stay “AT OUR HOUSE” and in “MY ROOM”!