{joy of love} day 5: love to hate

{Joy of Love} Day 5: Love to Hate

This face came at the end of a VERY long day…she really wanted to play with the Cinderella baby princess, but her friend didn’t really want to share. She knew she had to have her fun with it right then and there, since mommy is MEAN and doesn’t like Disney princess babies (they’re creepy). She’s such a sweet girl, and she knows how to share nicely, but sometimes just can’t. Love to hate that pouty face.

Our day began with a little dance party…the girls are in love with Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. Ryan was bumping around the living room, clapping and skipping, and Finleigh was following suit, trying to skip, and clapping all the way. I adore these little ladies of ours.

Next onto Stroller Strides, where Ryan brought her stroller and baby along. Of course, 5m in and the stroller was on top of mine, she was sitting on the front end, and mama was running. As I knew it would be, but still, no doubt we were a sight.

Then we headed off to meet our friends at the zoo. Three moms, six kids under 5 and holy moly…we were quite a crazy bunch. We fit in great at the zoo, with Finleigh screeching her pterodactyl screech, Will humming, singing and yelling, Christiaan quietly smiling and watching, while the three girls in rainboots stomping all over each and every puddle they could find. We headed off to get some yummy chowdah at Ivar’s after, and, well, it’s a good thing we arrived before the dinner rush. I counted 3 couples refuse the table next to ours. I would have too, though the kids really were well behaved for what it was. Finleigh ate her weight in french fries and the chowdah was delicious.

What a fun Saturday!! I don’t know if Sunday can top it, but we’re sure going to try!


{joy of love} day four

What She Wears

She wears headbands, and lots of them. Several a day. They’re all over the house, my car, her backpack…it’s kind of funny if not totally annoying. She also wears crazy stuff together, like her cherry dress with her heart leggings because, “the leggings have red hearts and the dress has a red top and red cherries so they match”. Um, sure. And her great-great-grandmother’s apron. Who knew it’d still be around, and that she’d love the yellow one so much. I love having these little bits of family heritage around here. It makes it cozy.

Today was also daddy’s birthday…he’s 30-something officially. Per Ryan’s directive, we made him a breakfast for dinner feast, complete with pancakes with whipped cream and blueberries “just like in the Curious George book”. He loved it.

We finished off with a lemon pound cake that Ryan frosted and decorated herself. Her independence the last few days is amazing. All of a sudden, her mindset has switched from “I can’t do it alone” to “of course I can, and I will, watch!”. Maybe it has something to do with registering for Kindergarten, or turning 5, or who knows what. Yes, I said registering for Kindy…I slipped that in there, huh? I suppose I should have taken photos, and for certain I was composing them in my mind, wishing I’d grabbed my camera, but I didn’t. It’s OK…she was overwhelmed enough as it were, without my big camera in her face.

But yep, she’s all set to head off to Kindy in the fall, and take the bus there, and take the bus home and ohmygosh, didn’t I just give birth to her yesterday? For those wondering, yes, I held it together. Mostly. I choked back a few tears looking down the hallway at all the even bigger classrooms (one this at a time, mama). I choked back a few tears looking at the writing the kindergarten children were working on. I choked back tears at the much more sophisticated artwork the big kids were doing. But the important this is that I didn’t break out in tears. I held it together. For now. Talk to me on the first day of school as I stealthily follow the bus to school to watch her walk into her classroom.

{joy of love} day 2: how they look

Want to join in on the {joy of love}? It’s not too late!!

I’m enjoying having an assignment for at least a few of my 365 photos…I like the stretch of having to photograph something specific, and the motivation to get it posted!