so little time…


But so much awesome-ness to try!! I don’t know about you, but I’m swamped with holiday stuff already, Halloween costume creating (I can’t honestly say making this year), taking care of my little family, teaching childbirth ed (at TWO hospitals now) and just life. Wowsers. But I have plans…and my sewing machine misses me. She told me so, whispered it to me last night as I forlornly put her away without sewing a thing.

“Please, sew something fun…”

Maybe this something fun for me, before I start a few holiday gifts.

Made it on Monday: A New Shirt.

via Made it on Monday: A New Shirt.



Twig & Thistle » Blog Archive » DIY Leaf Wreath for BHG.


via Twig & Thistle » Blog Archive » DIY Leaf Wreath for BHG.



Wishing I had some thought, any thought worth writing tonight.

But I don’t. Writer’s block, I suppose. Even my usual 2 glasses of wine aren’t helping.

And whenever I get a bit melancholy about life, our house, my sweet sleepless baby, I think it’s nice to reexamine things.

So, instead, 11 things I’m grateful for right

Finleigh’s sweet, contagious laugh. It gets everyone in our house giggling too.

Ryan’s love of music. And she’s not biased at all: rap, hip hop, rockabilly, alternative, dance; she loves it all.

KEXP. Seriously. I have to profess my love of this radio station. 90.3 for those of you local; streaming live for those out of Seattle.

Zoe. Much as that damn dog drives me insane (and sure, I’d post a picture of her, but she always turns around, so they’re ALL of her bum. It’s gross.), she’s an amazing protector, and I have no doubt that she’d bite the balls off anyone who tried to break into our home.

Our home. Yes, it’s on the market, and I’d love to not live here anymore (I don’t ask for much, just an extra bedroom), but it’s home.

Fall leaves. They’re turning and falling and just perfect and crunchy and lovely. It’s this time of year I catch myself goofily jumping into piles of leaves just to hear the crunch.

My camera. Really, in the end, any camera would do. But I’m so grateful to have my Nikon d90, and for all the magical pictures it helps me take, and all the
magical moments I’ve captured with it.

Living near the beach. It’s a lake, not ocean, so it’s only sort of perfect, but it’s damn close, and I’m grateful for it.

Halloween…I sit here typing next to a PILE of red sweats that is to become (drumroll please) our Incredibles costumes! Yep, even Fin’s going to get in on the action, dressed as Jack-Jack, and yep, she has enough hair to get that cute little spike in the back.

The love of my life. Who’s on his computer right now, but just a few feet away.

My mama, who’s coming up next week to hang with me and the girls. Woot. Ryan’s extremely excited to have Nonna come stay “AT OUR HOUSE” and in “MY ROOM”!

Fun stuff for the week

I’ve been having a hard time getting inspired lately…which is a bummer and it’s annoying, but we’ve had about a zillion other things happening on the home front these last two weeks. But, I did manage to find a handful of fun things that will be made in the next few weeks. Especially once we all settle into our new school routine.

Coin Purse

Alphabet Magnets

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Hopscotch Mat

Some inspiration…

I love back to school time. But it’s not a whole lot of fun to shop for a kid who seriously has gained ONE pound in the last year. A few inches, yes, but ONE pound (I swear, we feed her). The great thing about little girls is that last years dresses are this years tunics (and next years tops, really). But I may just have to make these. And really, the hoodie, I kind of need for myself. I’m envisioning that with a long enough button flap, I could nurse pretty easily in it. And I happen to have some light blue french terry lying around. Sigh, just as soon as I have some spare time.

Playtime Popover

Urban Hoodie


I love, love, love peonies. They are, by far, my favorite flower. And I was so excited to stumble on this blog the other day, with instructions for making such pretty, pretty peonies. These are up as soon as I can find some cheap-o poly fabric. I’m thinking headbands for all!

MaryJanes and Galoshes: Flower Tutorial- Roses or Peonys

via oopsey-daisy.

via Peonies.

Projects in the works…

Just wanted to share what’s up next in my little crafty world:

This tute for cute organizer bins. I’m very excited to make several of these for my craft area in the living room…not sure what all I have left, but I may even be able to incorporate scraps of the awesome curtain fabrics into them.

And…I just ordered Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, and I’m already itching to make a few of the projects! I figured, for Amazon’s price (only $18.50), that’s cheaper than the three patterns I for sure want to make, and no doubt I’ll find even more things to make in there!

This little girls dress

This mama top

And the cover skirt

Best part is, because I’m me, and I’ve been hoarding fabric for as long as I can remember (it must be genetic, I told you about the wool fabric I got from Gran that’s unused from the 60s, right?), I’ve already got fabric plotted for the skirt, and the little girls dress, and I’m pretty sure I’ll even have enough for the top. Woot!

As for the wool fabric, there’s a buttload of it, and it may also become one of those skirts (winter-y wrap skirt?), but it will for certain become a coat for RE. I think this might be the winner…

Unless you have another suggestion? I’ll have to get that wool out in the sunshine and get a picture of it. It’s to die for…really.

I’m such a list maker…

I have a huge list of handmade pressies for the holidays this year, as I am primarily planning to do a handmade holiday.

I can’t, of course, really blog a whole lot about it until after the holidays, as I expect that, on occasion, my friend’s read this blog. But I will tell what I’m making for the kids…they can’t read yet.

Several of the boys will be getting this DARLING go-fish set.

Most of the girls will be getting either Black Apple dolls or Wee Wonderfuls dolls.

RE and a few of the other kids may also get a set of wooden Little People.

These coffee cozies are on the list as well as some hand dyed, hand painted scarves (these are all me, and I’ll post a tute when I get the fabric).

Plus, I want to make RE another tutu, more of a skirt type one that she can wear when she feels like it, and with some regularity. I’ve also got plans for a small dollhouse for her, plus, of course, people to go in it. I bought her a big one, but had already bought this smaller thing, and so her dolls will just have a casita as well. For her birthday, I’m making her a playhouse table tent out of a great bedspread I found at Target.

Of course, I’ve still got the curtains, pillows and paint trim to finish, plus, you know, raise a kid, run a household, keep a small business afloat, teach childbirth ed, and watch a few other kids.

It’s no wonder I make all these lists.