Out with the old…

I’m still here, I swear. I’ve just been running. And mothering, partnering and friending.

Though I never said anything, my plan for 2013 was to make it EPIC. I think I did. Scratch that; I know I did.

iphone 205

a 5k, 12k, and a 15K

4 half marathons (all under 2h)

Ragnar Ultra

Portland Full Marathon

Body Back

Became a Stroller Barre instructor

And the coolest part of all? I ran a grand total of 1313.13 miles this year. Yes, it’s an amazing amount of miles, but in the end, it was all in the course of training. Which is kind of even more amazing.

What might be even crazier is that all of THAT was just fit in among my life, among parenting my sweet three girls, among the time spent with Michael, among my friendships, which continue to remain so very important in my life.

I’d be remiss to have a post without photos, especially after so long.


Twenty Fourteen – the word of the year is adapt (oneword365.com). I have goals, but they’re quieter. I have plans, but they’re more flexible. As Michael and I head into our 10th year of marriage, and our kids get older, our lives are shifting, in all good ways, and flexibility is key. I’m grateful that this wild, crazy, legendary has allowed me the insight necessary to be this flexible. I’m grateful for so many things this last year.


And, so, so excited about the what’s next.