This Hour

In a (very) random burst of inspiration, fueled by serious lack of sleep, frigid temperatures, and beautiful sunlight, I stepped outside today to take a few shots of the wheelbarrow. And then I walked back in, and proceeded to shoot for about an hour, my life. It’s mundane, but looking back through it tonight, it’s beautiful. I’m feeling grateful today for simple pleasures: popcorn, laundry, library books, beautiful fabric, napping children, forts, iphones, and now, at 10pm, wine.


Hello, Second Trimester

And welcome!! How I LOVE you so…

Today, at 14 weeks exactly (yes, folks, THAT is the official start to the 2nd tri, not 12w) I am not tired. Nope, it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m blogging instead of napping. For the first time in 12 weeks, I’m not crashed out on the couch like a narcoleptic whale (ok, still a tiny whale, but whatever). I have regained an hour (ok, two, who am I kidding) back in each of my days!! Oh, the possibilities!! Oh what I might do with my time!!

Sew? I do have a handful and a half of projects that I’d like to work on.

Like this (see, something for me!!):

Or this for Finleigh:

Or this for Ryan:

Or this for baby:


And I get to run. And I get to go to Stroller Strides. I might even make dinner and clean my house (hehe, probably not though). I’m looking forward to having the energy to pull out my camera more (especially with the sun making an occasional appearance).

So, yes, second trimester, though you mean I get even bigger, I welcome you…I welcome being able to feel the baby move more easily (just little pops here and there, but know in a matter of weeks it will be my constant companion), I welcome my belly growing larger, I welcome the increase in appetite (seriously, i eat ALL day long), and I celebrate the return of my energy. How I’ve missed you so.

Welcome back.

So Organized: Mini Fabric Bolts

Oh my…I love this. And think I may have to do this after the new year, when things settle a bit.






Smashed Peas and Carrots: Mini Fabric Bolts and Some Studio Organization.

An oliver + s book?? Hooray!


I can’t tell you all how excited I am that this book is coming out soon…in March, to be exact. Though, if you preorder it, it’ll ship in February!! Just in time for Finleigh’s first birthday. Yes, I said it (wrote it?) outloud. But it’s still 5 months away. Too fast, I tell you. For now, I’m just going to enjoy her sleeping on my shoulder as I type this up. 


Welcome to oliver + s > oliver + s, the book.


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so little time…


But so much awesome-ness to try!! I don’t know about you, but I’m swamped with holiday stuff already, Halloween costume creating (I can’t honestly say making this year), taking care of my little family, teaching childbirth ed (at TWO hospitals now) and just life. Wowsers. But I have plans…and my sewing machine misses me. She told me so, whispered it to me last night as I forlornly put her away without sewing a thing.

“Please, sew something fun…”

Maybe this something fun for me, before I start a few holiday gifts.

Made it on Monday: A New Shirt.

via Made it on Monday: A New Shirt.



Twig & Thistle » Blog Archive » DIY Leaf Wreath for BHG.


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Slippers for Finleigh

Made, and SUCCESS!!


I’ve been trying for a while, with no success. One would come out wonky, the other too small. Just all sorts of crazy. And I kept practicing, because I wanted to make some with leather bottoms, but don’t want to waste leather if I’m just going to jack it all up.

Finally, with a free pattern, I win.


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Fun stuff for the week

I’ve been having a hard time getting inspired lately…which is a bummer and it’s annoying, but we’ve had about a zillion other things happening on the home front these last two weeks. But, I did manage to find a handful of fun things that will be made in the next few weeks. Especially once we all settle into our new school routine.

Coin Purse

Alphabet Magnets

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Hopscotch Mat

Midweek inspiration

Love the colors in this nursery. So sweet.

Do you need a lap desk for your kid (or yourself)? This one rocks.

Adorable dress the girls will have to have.

Rain painting. Surely something we’ll have to try here soon.

I heart this DSLR strap cover.

Strawberry pillows? Love.

I love this idea for the Ugly Jar. We need one.

I’m in love with yellow. And this camera.

I want a clawfoot tub. But I think it would look weird in our little condo.

Great way to get two kids in one room.

Your daily dose of creativity and positive thinking.

Super cute lunch bag.

To die for shirt. And I even have a pattern very similar that I can start with.

Why don’t you…

“Why don’t you become a photographer?”

“Why don’t you sell the things you sew?”

I hear these two questions all the time. ALL THE TIME. And I’m going to answer them right now for y’all.

I LOVE TO SEW, CRAFT AND TAKE PICTURES. And I want to continue to love to do them.

I don’t want to be beholden to what others want. I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s memories because I’m being paid to be. I don’t want to run another business.

I have thought about it. I think about it a lot. It’s hard not to when folks are constantly telling you you should. It’s quite the ego booster to hear that you’re good at something. And that people think you’re good enough to sell what you have. But just because you are, doesn’t mean you have to, or should. I’d probably love it. Right up until I had to deal with that one customer who hated what I’d done. I’ve been in customer service long enough to know that those folks are out there, and I’m done dealing with them.

I do want to continue to sew and craft for the pure joy of it. For the enjoyment of creating something out of nothing. I want to continue to photograph my children, and my friends’ children, and things I think are cool because I love it. I would love to do commercial photography; photographing children’s products. But I have a long way to go and a lot to learn before I can think of that. I’d love to become a birth doula and photograph the births I attend. I can’t imagine anything more special than photographing the moments of transition  into parenthood. I’d love to teach independent childbirth education classes and become a prenatal/postpartum yoga instructor.

And, so, no. I’m not going to sell my sewn or crafted items (not in any large scale, shop opening way). I’m not going to sell photography services. I’m just going to keep loving my art for what it is. Art and passion and something that fills me up.

oliver + s

I adore this dress. And think RE may have to have it in corduroy for fall.

ice cream dress sewing pattern | oliver + s – sewing patterns for children’s clothing.

Oh man…the sweetness. I want both girls in this for the holidays. In some sort of shiny silk. Heck, I want it for me, too. Pretty please?

Welcome to oliver + s > introducing the school photo dress sewing pattern.

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